Society 6 offers a large variety of items including apparel, art prints, housewares, textiles, and more.

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Spoonflower's focus is on textiles, so this is where you'll find fabric yardage, and home textiles like duvet covers, curtains, tea towels, dinner napkins, and more.

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I love to photograph the world as I travel around it. I've got film and digital photo prints from destinations like France, Cuba, and Jordan.

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Questions about Print on Demand (POD)? I've answered a few below:

Print on demand (POD) sites are third party companies that work directly with artists to provide loads of products that can be printed one at a time.

Ordinarily if I wanted to offer products like coffee mugs, I'd have to find a printing company that will print my artwork on coffee mugs. These sites usually have bulk order minimums of 100 or more items. Not only do I not have the budget to order 100+ of the same design on a single product, but I have no space to store that many items!

POD sites allow me to offer my artwork on mugs, fabric, textiles, housewares, accessories, apparel, and more with the benefit of being able to print orders of one. The company prints and ships directly to you!

The downside is that you'll have to navigate to the POD sites and order directly from them as I can't possibly link each item and design here. I also don't have the ability to package the items up and include a handwritten note, but know that I would if I could!

Each POD site has their own method of printing and shipping, so refer to their FAQs to learn more.

If there is something that becomes popular on a POD site, I'll take notice and see if it can be offered here on my site. I'd love to grow my product offerings so the more people love something, the more likely I am to invest in selling it myself.

If you are a retailer who is interested in wholesale of a particular POD product reach out and inquire!

Most POD sites set their own prices so that they're consistent across the board. POD sites usually act as a marketplace such that you can buy items from several artists and checkout just once.

The best way to get a discount code on POD sites is to sign up for their email lists to be notified when they're offering sales.

Everything produced by a POD site is out of my hands, so you'll need to contact that site to inquire about returns and exchanges.